Pure biological Surfactant protein for all type of respiratory problems

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Product specification
*Main components: Surfactant protein A/B/C/D
* Appearance: White to yellowish water soluble powder
* Package: 25kg drum or 1 kg bag
* Storage: in cool and dry place
* Shelf life: 24 month
Dosage recommendation:
Apply into drinking water:
100-150g/ton water, last for 4-7 days for treatment(In general condition, obvious result can be seen
with in 30 hours)
30-50g/ton water for constant usage (prevention purpose).

RESPEP-MAX functional Characteristic on three main aspects:

1. Release symptoms of respiratory infection

Reduce the alveolar gas-liquid surface tension and prevent lung collapse. Ensure that the alveoli maintain a certain volume at the end of exhalation without atrophy. If the surface tension increases, negative pressure will be generated around the capillaries, resulting in the accumulation of alveolar effusion. Thus, RESPEP-MAX maintain lung compliance well.
Combined with the huge membrane network formed by alveolar epithelial surfactant, it can optimize the distribution of proteins and protect the huge respiratory surface from potential pathogens.

2. Participate in the defensive function

Participate in the defensive function, enhance the chemotaxis of macrophages to inflammatory sites, and make bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria easier to be swallowed. RESPEP-MAX can combine with LPS, lead to pathogen aggregation and improve
the effect of macrophages. It can directly dissolve and kill pathogenic bacteria such as
Haemophilus influenzae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus pneumoniae, can reduce 50-70% treatment antibiotics while achieving better result.

3.To maintain the stability of small airway

To maintain the stability of small airway, phospholipids and proteins are also required at the end of capillary bronchus connected with alveoli to reduce surface tension, prevent small
airway atrophy and gas retention, maintain the smoothness and stability of small airway, increase the movement and transportation of bronchial mucociliary system, and contribute to the smooth discharge of secretions

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