EFFIPRO-MULTI is an innovative fermentation protein product that developed by Finely Animal Care together with joint venture lab. It is defined as high quality feed protein to replace soybean meal and corn.

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It is a fermented protein with , 
1) 30% crude protein, (can replace maximum 10% soybean)
2) 22% acid soluble protein,
3 More than 12% lactic acid. 
4) Ideal amino acid balance,
5)  Postbiotics been produced during fermentation,
6) Extra minerals been produced during fermentation.

Why fermented protein is more suitable for the animals?

1.Enhace the protein source utility rate, widen the protein raw material source.
2.Create high level of small peptide, which are easier to be digested and dierectly inhibit the pathogen.
3.Prebiotics are generated to balance gut microbe system, thus, increase feed efficiency and improve immunity.
4.Completely eliminate anti nutritional factors in prote in source, such as trypsin inhibitor, plant coagulant, urease and thyroid inducing factor, phytate phosphorus, bloating factor, lipoxygenase and allergic factor.
5.High quality organic acid are generated like lactic acid, they can inhibit pathogen growth, meanwhile they can prevent moldy feed.
6.Aromatic factors are generated to increase the feed intake.




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