It is the feed grade lipase, used to improve fat digestion rate. AFEZYME-LIP has good stability and wide working pH.

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Product specification

Appearance: White to yellowish powder or granular

Lipase activity: 10,000u/g  20,000u/g

Package: 25kg/bag

Shelf life: 12 month


Use as energy source: 200-300g/t can reduce 20-60kcal metabolic energy.  To improve feed quality: 150-200g/ton.


Main functions

* Adding lipase in the formula solve the insufficient lipase supply from animal themselves, especially during their young age, perfecting the digestive enzyme system of animals.

* By using lipase, nutritionist can increase the oil and fat sources in animal feed to provide better energy, then give space for other nutrients in the fixed formulation or save feed cost.

* Reduce the weaning stress of weaned piglets and improve the production performance of animals. Obviously reducing piglet diarrhea and alimentary canal diseases and improving survival rate.

* Solve the problems caused by high level energy in the feed like gut diseases and low feed conversion rate. Thus, increase the final weight within certain feeding period.

* Keep alimentary canal health, decrease death rate.

* Release liver pressure, reducing formation of fatty liver, keep liver in health condition.

* Lipase can reduce fecal excretion, create good environment for animals.



* AFEZYME-LIP is a very unique product that can be stable during 85-90 degree pelleting procedure , see following table about our lipase stability, and meanwhile its working temperature is 30-50 degree, which is perfect for animal feed.

* It has also good working PH from 4.5-11. This is perfect for duodenum and intestine where lipase should start to act since oil and fat are well emulsificated by emulsifier.

* AFEZYME-LIP is with super bio-efficiency

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