CELZYME-HEMI is a high efficient thermostable mannanase that has special
targeted activity mainly act on the β-mannan in feed stuff as substrate. Thus, reduce
the chyme viscosity, release nutrients to enhance the absorbtion rate of animal feed
and meanwhile stimulate the production of growth factor in vivo condition.

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Product specification

Main content: β-mannanase, carrier
Appearance: Yellow to brown powder
Activity: 2,000-50,000u/g
Strain: Bacillus lentus
Working pH : 2.5-10 optimum: 3.5-8
Working Temperature: 15-95 degree optimum: 35-60
Shelf life: 2 years in cool and dry place
Package: 1 or 25 kg per bag


Mode of Action

By dissolving the mannan as substances, the cell structure will be released achieving the eliminating anti-nutritional factor effect.

IGF-1 is also known as "growth promoting factor" (i.e. somatodin C) will be inhibited by high level of mannan. CELZYME-HEMI will degrade mannan and IGF-1 will be remained at normal level. And motabolites from mannan include MOS that recoganized prebiotics that can play as energy source for beneficial bacterial in
animal gut, which will lead to a balanced healthy environment to reduce diseases and keep high digestion rate.


Main Functions

* Increasing energy uptake

* Reducing feed cost

* Blance gut micro flora, enhance other enzymes’efficiency

* Improving growth performance

* Increasing nutrients utilization rate

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